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Where are the most popular honeymoons?



These are the top 5 most popular honeymoon spots in the world:


Hawaii offers many different sights. Hawaii has 4 wonderful islands that you can go and explore. Island hopping is not very hard and it is wisely advised you to tour other islands when you're in Hawaii. On the Big Island there is the Kona Village Resort that is rated to be one of the world's top 50 Romantic Getaways by Travel & Leisure magazine. This resort was rated on of the best romantic getaways because there are no phones, tv's or radio's to disturb your peace. When you go to the island of Kauai do not forget your camera. This island will take your breath away with its fabulous waterfalls, beaches and coves. Also try and get a helicopter ride around Kauai you will feel very happy that you did. The island of Lanai offers the Lodge at Koele. The Lodge at Koele has rare art that you can not find or compare to anything else in the world. It also has wonderful fireplaces, fine architecture that surrounds you everywhere you go. The Lodge at Koele recreates a baronial English mansion. And last but not least the island of Maui. Maui offers one of the best outdoor experiences ever. There are waterfalls, hiking trails and beautiful beaches that you can relax on. Don't forget to get island tours to get more history and cultural background information about each island.


Jamaica offers many features. You can explore the Jamaican adventure, and beaches. Jamaica's adventures offers biking, equestrian, gardens, hiking, safaris, water activities like snorkeling, and scuba diving, and waterfalls. Jamaica's has an au-nature l beaches that allows you to tan nude, that way you don't have to worry about tan lines. You can go to the au- nature l beach and relax. (nude tanning is permitted on private beaches islandwide.) A few of the beaches are public but you have a lot of choices as to where you want to tan. You can pick a spot at Orcabessa's James Bond Beach or at Bloody Bay, Negril and be yourself with just you and the sun. If you would like more privacy then you can contact a manager and they can arrange a corner for you so that you can have your privacy. Jamaica will defiantly leave a good memory of you and your spouse on your honeymoon.


Mexico offers not only beautiful beaches but you can also count on romance. Mexico offers the Ritz-Carlton, Cancun hotel and resort. The Ritz-Carlton is one of the finest hotels in Cancun, Mexico. It is surrounded by white sand beaches and located in the heart of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula. Mexico also offers the Ikal del Mar that is one of the best new hotels in Mexico and it offers 29 private air-conditioned villas with each with its own pool.


You can visit the famous theme parks Walt Disney World and Universal Studios and enjoy the wonderful tropical beaches and take sunset cruises.


Although Aruba is not one of the most famous countries to be talked about, Aruba is located 15 miles off the coast of Venezuela and a four hour flight from New York City. One of the best points about Aruba is that it is 82 degree's year round. Aruba has a wonderful night life and casinos that heat up at nights.






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