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What goes on in a traditional American wedding?

There are many things that goes on in a wedding preparation. The couple first has to decide when the wedding is going to take place. Then they start looking for a location where they are going to celebrate their wedding. Most Americans either rent a country club, or a garden where they rent out to do their wedding reception. Most country clubs are occupied months or sometimes even years in advance, so if you're planning on renting a country club for your wedding, its either you take the next available date and do your wedding around that date, or if you want a specific date as your wedding day then you will most probably end up on a waiting list.

The next thing that goes on in wedding preparation is where you're going to live after you're married. Some couples put a down payment on a house a few months before they get married so that way when they get married they have a place to call it their own. It is always easier to have a house in advance before you're married because after the reception you have a place where you can place your wedding gifts then head out to your honeymoon. If you do not have a place before you get married then either you will place your wedding gifts at someone's house and have them keep it by them until you get back from your honeymoon, or you can also rent out a storage place and remove your gifts after you return from your honeymoon. In the American wedding tradition it is known that in the past the bride's family pays for the entire wedding and reception, and the wedding is normally kept within the family budget. Although the brides family pays for the wedding and reception it is usually normal that the grooms family asks to pitch in with the wedding expenses. Either paying for the liquor or for the wedding entertainment. The brides family can then decide if they would like to take on the offer or not.

Even though this is the American tradition, more couples now a days tend to plan their weddings ahead of time and at the same time save up for it. So that way they can have their own wedding just the way they want it without bothering anyone. In traditional American weddings the grooms family is responsible for these wedding expenses: the bride's engagement and wedding ring, the grooms wedding attire, his doctor's visit and blood test, the marriage license, the clergyman's fee or donation, gifts for the best man and ushers, boutonnieres for the groom and ushers and sometimes the bridal bouquet, and the going away corsage.

The additional expenses the bride pays are the: purchase of bridesmaid's dresses, shoes and accessories, transportation to and from the location of the wedding, an individual gift to the couple, and a shower luncheon for the bride.

After the wedding and reception area are ready and reserved next is finding the right right wedding outfit for the bride to be and deciding who will be in the wedding party. The wedding party normally has a best man, maid of honor, bridesmaid's, ring boy, and a flower girl. Then going out and getting the dresses and accessories for the maid of honor, bridesmaid's and flower girl. You can chose how ever many bridesmaid's and flower girls in your wedding, but there are normally just one maid of honor, best man, and ring boy in a wedding.

The wedding invitation's are normally sent out in the postal mail 2-3 months prior to the actual wedding. With the invitation is a map of the location, a small card with a self stamped envelope that will let your guest indicate how many people will be present at the wedding reception so that the couple could do the catering food accordingly, and the guest will have to either mail back the little card or they could also call the couple to RSVP. Then after all of that is done the couple will go out to a bakery and pick their wedding cake. At this time the limousine and the florist arraignments will also be ready and then when the wedding day comes the couple do not have anything to worry about. Of course you can always reduce your wedding planning stress if you would want to hire a wedding coordinator.


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