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Like many traditional weddings Indonesian weddings are very important to the bride and the groom. One of the important factors of getting married and being invited to a wedding is your attendance. Indonesians believe in “more the merrier” so to fulfill that slogan they invite literally everyone that they know. Every relative, acquaintance, colleague, and co-workers could be invited to a wedding. You can also go to a wedding even if you did not get a wedding invitation so long as the wedding is not considered a “sit down dinner”. Your attendance as a guest to a wedding is very important because it will show that you care and respect the newlywed couple and the family.

The invitation has two dates. One date is for the actual wedding ceremony, and the other is the wedding reception. Even though the invitation gives both the wedding wedding ceremony and the wedding reception, most people will show up to the wedding reception, unless if they are a close family member, like an aunt, uncle, sister, brother, or the parents of the couple who are getting married, because close family members are expected to witness the actual exchange of marriage vows. The wedding is then done by speeches and music played while the guests greet the parents of the newlyweds then leave. Most weddings guests stay only for about 15 to 30 minutes, they eat a small snack and afterwards shake hands then leave. One of the things that Indonesians do not tolerate is drinking. There is no alcohol served at Indonesian weddings, it is considered rude to be drunk or show up to the wedding after you have been drinking.

Chinese weddings are about a week long process. About a week before the wedding the groom's family will go to the bride's house and bring over gifts that are in red baskets or red boxes or maybe even possibly other red container, and vice versa. Red symbolizes happiness and prosperity for the Chinese. These boxes contain stuff for both the bride and the groom that they will need while they are married. There is a big cake at the wedding ceremony with different layers, these layers symbolize the different steps of success. These layers are normally cut from the bottom up, because you can not become successful if you work from the top to the bottom.

One of the similarities in both these traditions is that the couple who are getting married show great happiness and respect towards their parents. The way the couple show respect by either kneeling down in front of their parents and kissing their knee's to say thank you for everything they have done for them and that they will never forget them or neglect them.





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