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What are the different religious wedding ceremonies?



There are many different religions and backgrounds between couples. Some of the most popular religions and customs are the Protestant, Roman Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist.

A Protestant wedding is one of the most popular in America. We see these types of weddings in movies. Most Protestant denominations lets couples get married outside of their church or worship place. Meaning you can have a garden wedding if you wanted to. Then the pastor or minister greets everyone and they start the worship by reading a short verse then the couple will exchange their vows and light a candle together that will significant their unity.

Roman Catholic weddings are somewhat different than Protestant weddings. In Catholic wedding ceremony is one of the seven sacraments in the Catholic faith. Before the couple gets married they must have marriage counseling. The couple who want to get married must both be Catholics. And if one is not Catholic then he or she must become a Catholic prior to their wedding and getting their first communion. The couple will get married in the bride's parish and the ceremony must include at least three verse readings. When the vows are being said all the guests must stand. During Catholic weddings there is normally a mass that is included in the wedding ceremony, which why Catholic weddings normally take longer.

In Jewish weddings the wedding can not be on Sabbath day or on a major holiday. Unlike the Catholic's Jewish wedding ceremony can be held outside, but it must take place under a Chuppah, the Chuppah symbolizes a husband brining his wife into their home. One of the main point of the wedding ceremony is the exchange of the rings, the blessing of the wine, and the reading of the Ketubah which then leads to breaking of the glass.

In the Muslim wedding ceremony all it takes is about five minutes to get married. That five minutes is just the singing of the wedding contract then the ceremony afterwards which could last for couple days since the singing of the wedding contract. The ceremony starts with a feast with chicken, fish and rice and at the end of the celebration the bride is carried into the air and given to the groom. That is when you know that the public celebration is considered to be over.

In the Buddhist wedding the ceremonies are put on by the couple and it is very simple. An O jujo which is a 21 bead strand that is used to offer prayers and incense to buddha.





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